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About the author

Sitting on the front porch, in the sunshine I watched the squirrels frolicking in the trees. Soon I became jealous of their four sets of hands and the power to climb almost anywhere they pleased. As I grew angry with Eve or God for stripping us of that power pondering what that would do for us filled my mind.

Sometime later archaeologist discovered a set of human bones with those four hands I longed for. Australopithecus one of our ancestors had similar bones in her lower hands as I do. The idle mind is a strange thing, soon I was dreaming of what Ardi could do in modern times.

Life for me started just as the apocalypse began. Personality formed in the science fiction and religious world around me. As the apocalypse unfolded in the real world, I saw it followed prophecies in the Bible. Taking into account biblical scholars never heard of cars, airplanes, and even this side of the planet, those predictions seemed not so different from real life.

Following my fascination with motorcycle chases, old-time Western movies, escape and evasion, I started to write in a group called Writers’ Medley. Many in the group enjoy my unique 1950s sense of humor. A voice inside would not let up until; finally, I started the first book. The urge many have to control others and its ugly side of life and are still alive today. These books show that tendency, as scientists add more and more human DNA to other primates.

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