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Some go through life all alone and totally self-sufficient. Others do that for some time until an outside force changes their life forever. In my case, that person’s name is Nancy. Even after her spirit went back to, the realm from whence it came, she watches over and protects this lucky soul.

We used to sit on the porch where Nancy knew the name of every pet that went by. We marveled at the various free creatures that god has graced us with, in the air and nearby trees. Our lives unfolded into various adventures, both good and challenging showing her kind nature and quiet strength. She never fails to amaze me. I feel sorry for people looking at life like a 100,000-piece puzzle from the underside seeing only a grey mass painted with a broad boring brush rarely solving anything. The more astute see it sunny side up, studying and enjoying every piece. If successful, they see a beautiful artwork like the one god gave this world, if not though, each piece is an artwork of its very own.

One challenge is always mental abilities. One reliable old method of dealing with that is to start is to overcome something you were never good doing at all. Mine is writing. Imagination not lacking, only writing skill. Thank god for computers, spell check and especially Nancy’s guidance.

In real life all individuals human or not, have individual personalities. After the first book, all of the individuals in it seemed to call to me. Their traits are so often rich and so very interesting they do really deserve a light shining on them.

The second book is the personality Volfgang, from the first book. Starting before the first book, it revieles why he acts in the first one, and contains appropriate references. My children, Nancy’s stepchildren took over in Nancy’s absence to give valuable advice, like write each book as it stands alone.

The third book, I call Pyrena, is far more involved with her feelings than her part in the first book explores. How might my Nancy’s personality feel, if morphed into how Py feels with all those unavoidable challenges.

Even while the third book is still under construction, I just cannot stop. There are so many other individuals with unique personalities to explore, while Zyzie tries to save humanity in the first book. How can I stop now?

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