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The First Book of Zyzie


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front cover Zyzie.jpg
                 The First Book of Zyzie
  ISBN 978-I-5434-4066-9

                        About the Book Cover

      The cover on this book represents a vision of the end time for Planet Earth. It is a vision from Zyzie’s mind of that upcoming event. In the foreground to the right, our wonderful home planet Earth. Far to the left, our moon, pulled away slightly by some force beyond our comprehension.


      In the background of the picture, a rogue planet looms. It has been destined to fulfill the predictions of religious leaders for thousands of years. You can see that the light from the sun comes from past the moon, out of sight, and the rogue planet has passed it on its way towards Earth.


      In the background, past the rogue planet, in the darkness of space, you can see the stars. Some of them are closer, and therefore larger. More to the left, our very own sun illuminates the dust from other destroyed nearby objects. The nearby stars seem shaped, like angel wings, ready to be the home, in heaven God promised, so long ago.


      This book is the first in a series, depicting Zyzie’s quest to take the unloved throwaway humans from planet Earth, and take them to their new homes, the ones God promised so long ago.



G. Francis Vaisey



Join Volfgang as he progresses from a naked POW in the jungle. Using his wits instead of his mouth he goes from homeless to become an intrical part of the governments NASA Deep Space Exploration program.

This book is only available as an E-book on

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